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Poldi Pezzoli Team

Find out who the people are who care for the collections, guide you in discovering the Museum, and work to enhance it with accessible and inclusive tours and activities.


Alessandra Quarto
e: quarto@

Collections and exhibitions office

Lavinia Galli
t: +39 02 45473807
e: galli@

Collection Manager
Federica Manoli
t: +39 02 45473802
e: manoli@

Exhibitions coordination
Arianna Pace
t: +39 02 45473806
e: pace@

Educational Department

Federica Manoli
t: +39 02 45473802
e: manoli@

Educational Services by Ambarabart
Referenti: Arianna Piazza e Maria Elisa Le Donne
e: servizieducativi@

Press Office and Social Media Communication

Ilaria Toniolo
t: +39 02 45473800
e: toniolo@

Events and external relations

Francesca Mariotti
t: +39 02 45473813
e: mariotti@

Giulia Poliero
e: eventi@

External relations coordination
Arianna Pace
t: +39 02 45473806
e: pace@

Social inclusion promotion and initiatives

Stefania Rossi
t: +39 02 45473812
e: rossi@

Staff administration and management

Maurizio Delsale
t: +39 02 45473809
e: delsale@

Technical and security department

Vladislav Colta
t: +39 02 45473810
e: colta@

poldi pezzolI MUSEUM

Poldi Pezzoli Museum

Museo Poldi Pezzoli in the centre of Milan, close to the Duomo Cathedral and the Scala Theatre, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum welcomes you! Opened in 1881, it was the house of the noble Milanese Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli (1822-1879). Avid art collector, he had gathered here paintings as well as sculptures, carpets, laces, arms and armour, jewellery, clocks, porcelain and glass.

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Workshops and Activities

The Museum has initiated educational activities since 1974 through guided tours, workshops, specific tours and publications designed for all kinds of audiences, from schools of all levels to adults.

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To make your visit even more engaging and rich in discovery, we have created a series of unique itineraries designed to satisfy different passions and interests.

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Cavaliere Nero
Dama del Pollaiolo
Autoritratto in un gruppo di amici
Madonna con bambino di Sandro Botticelli

Poldi Pezzoli
The collection

L'immagine è un dettaglio del dipinto di San Michele di Piero della Francesca e raffigura un angelo dipinto, con capelli ricci biondi, vestito con abiti decorati, su sfondo blu cielo e ala bianca visibile.

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