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Educational Department

The Museum started its educational activities in 1974 with guided tours, workshops, itineraries and publications for all kinds of audience, from schools of all levels to adults. This is because we believe that the Museum is a place of cultural growth, discovery, comparison, integration and social inclusion.
Un gruppo di persone osserva una statua in occasione della mostra Oro Bianco al Museo Poldi Pezzoli. Ambiente elegante con decorazioni murali, pavimenti colorati e illuminate artificialmente.

We imagine a Museum open to the city and the world. We want it to be a pleasant and joyful place for everyone: a place to fall in love with.
There is a right to benefit from the cultural heritage, which must be obtained by breaking down all barriers, visible and invisible. Both Article 9 of the Italian Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirm this.
Poldi Pezzoli Museum’s educational services have always worked to open the museum’s doors, to make it accessible to the widest possible number of people.
Including antique arms and armor, Limoges enamels, French and Lombard goldsmith art, carpets, tapestries, jewelry, furniture and paintings, there are more than six thousand objects that make up the collections, favoring a multidisciplinary approach to art and transforming the museum into a place for learning and experimenting.

What we do

We offer adults, children, groups, individuals and families visits, workshops and tools to discover the museum independently. We offer visits and workshops to schools of all levels as well as courses for teachers.
Visits and workshops are led by qualified Art Historians.

Un bambino sta disegnando con matite colorate su un foglio di carta. Sul tavolo ci sono forbici, matite, e colla.
About us

The museum’s educational services consist of two units working in synergy: the Museum Educational Services and Ambarabart.

Together we work to enhance the museum’s educational mission.

Our activities

A visit to the museum is an experience that develops power of observation and critical judgement, allowing to value the past in order to better understand the present.
The Educational Services of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum help visitors of all ages to discover the collections with itineraries and activities designed according to the specific needs of each category of audience.
Visits and workshops are led by qualified Art Historians.
Together we work to enhance the museum as an educational environment with its own specific characteristics and to make it accessible to the widest possible public.


The students’ direct approach to the museum’s art works develops their curiosity about history, art, creativity and artists. Classes of all levels will find interdisciplinary tours that aim to analyze multiple aspects of the collection, encouraging the active participation of students, also with the use of various supporting materials.
Using fun and manual skills, the visit will be a stimulus for creativity and interaction with others.
The museum offers: guided tours, interactive visits, visit+workshop, tailor-made visits . The school tours will be adapted according to the age of the participants. Each tour can be specially created according to the teacher’s request.

Un gruppo di persone ascolta una guida al museo Poldi Pezzoli mentre indica gioielli esposti in vetrine. Ambiente interno, illuminazione soffusa, atmosfera educativa.
Families and children

Visiting a museum with your family is a great experience of sharing, learning and fun. The house-museum with its collections of paintings, sculptures, arms and armour, textiles, jewellery, glass, ceramics, and clocks offers families valuable opportunities to appreciate works of art with guided tours and workshops.
For adults, young people and families with children, it will be possible to participate to guided tours and activities checking our proposals that will be scheduled monthly.


The Museum offers teachers working materials to support their educational programs, linking together Art, History, Literature, Geography, Anthropology and Technology, as well as guided tours, courses, and meetings with the experts of the Educational Services. The Educational Services team is always available to plan together with the teachers tailor-made visits and meetings for students.


In line with the perception of the museum as a space for development and access to knowledge for all, projects have been developed to support specific conditions of disability aimed at overcoming architectural, cognitive and sensory barriers. New ways of relating and fruition are proposed, creating opportunities for cultural and civic growth as well as an antidote against isolation.

poldi pezzolI MUSEUM

Poldi Pezzoli Museum

Museo Poldi Pezzoli in the centre of Milan, close to the Duomo Cathedral and the Scala Theatre, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum welcomes you! Opened in 1881, it was the house of the noble Milanese Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli (1822-1879). Avid art collector, he had gathered here paintings as well as sculptures, carpets, laces, arms and armour, jewellery, clocks, porcelain and glass.

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Workshops and Activities

The Museum has initiated educational activities since 1974 through guided tours, workshops, specific tours and publications designed for all kinds of audiences, from schools of all levels to adults.

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To make your visit even more engaging and rich in discovery, we have created a series of unique itineraries designed to satisfy different passions and interests.

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L'immagine è un dettaglio del dipinto di San Michele di Piero della Francesca e raffigura un angelo dipinto, con capelli ricci biondi, vestito con abiti decorati, su sfondo blu cielo e ala bianca visibile.

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