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Every museum visitor deserves an extraordinary experience, which we are able to achieve thanks in part to the support of all of you. Your generosity allows us to preserve and enhance our collection, offer innovative educational programs, and much more.

“Supporting the museum is an act of love for heritage, culture and our civilization”.

Why become a donor?

The Poldi Pezzoli Foundation “Onlus” has been recognized as a nonprofit moral entity with legal personality. Contributions to the institutional activity of the museum are donations to support the protection, promotion and enhancement of the art collections.

Tax benefits


By committing to offer on an ongoing basis, you can support the Museum’s cultural and educational activities and contribute to the conservation, restoration and enhancement of the works housed there.
By donating, you can support one of the many renovation and refurbishment activities of our spaces to help us offer a service up to par with international museums and the needs of our increasingly numerous and interested public. It is possible to dedicate one of the works and restorations supported to the donor.

There are several ways to support the Museum: you can help us enrich the collection, donate your time, donate 5 x mille, or contribute financially with a liberal disbursement.


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Conservatorship department | e: ufficioconservatori@ | t: +39 02 45473806

San Francesco raccoglie il sangue di Cristo
Carlo Crivelli
Autoritratto in un gruppo di amici

Poldi Pezzoli
The collection

L'immagine è un dettaglio del dipinto di San Michele di Piero della Francesca e raffigura un angelo dipinto, con capelli ricci biondi, vestito con abiti decorati, su sfondo blu cielo e ala bianca visibile.

Reasons to visit the Poldi Pezzoli Museum

because it is a house-museum that in its historical rooms has preserved the charm of a 19th century residence.
to know a great Milanese art collector.
for the wide range of its collections, from Archaeology to the 19th century.
to admire masterpieces by painters as Pollaiuolo, Mantegna, Botticelli, Raffaello, Piero della Francesca, Tiepolo, Canaletto, Hayez
for the amazing collections of sundials and clocks, Murano glass, Meissen porcelain.
to discover a palace overlooking a beautiful hidden garden, and a romantic Orangerie.

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