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Your commitment will allow the Museum to continue offering  cultural and educational programs to its public, as well as to support the  conservation and restoration of its collections.


There are many ways to support the Poldi Pezzoli Museum: you can leave a small legacy, contributing to the conservation and promotion of our artistic and cultural heritage, you can donate artworks or your time.

Donate now
Everybody can leave a small, but nevertheless precious, legacy to the Poldi Pezzoli Museum, contributing to the conservation and promotion of the artistic and cultural heritage
Gian Giacomo Attolico Trivulzio
The Poldi Pezzoli Artistic Foundation, established by Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli in his will dated August 3, 1871, is a great example of a successful synergy between public and private institutions…

Museum Friends and Conservation Club 

Puoi contribuire anche entrando a far parte dell’associazione Amici del Museo o del Club del restauro, due realtà che supportano il Museo e le sue attività educative e culturali.

Amici del Poldi Pezzoli
Museum Friends
L’Associazione Amici del Museo Poldi Pezzoli è un’associazione di volontariato culturale senza fini di lucro fondata con lo scopo di sostenere il Museo in tutte le sue attività artistiche e istituzionali.
Conservation Club
The restoration club was conceived by Marta Marzotto. With their generous contribution, its members support the conservation and restoration of the Museum’s masterpieces in need of special care.