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An extraordinary place for special events

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In the heart of Milan, a few steps from La Scala theatre and close to the famous fashion district, the Poldi Pezzoli Museum is a treasure trove.
Thanks to its great artworks and history, the museum is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to discover art and culture and enjoy them in private events.

The museum offers the possibility to use its spaces, even those not usually accessible to the public, for guided tours, cocktails, gala eveningsconventions, concerts, and special events to be held during private openings or after closing time.

This allows the guests to discover an historical palace that, before becoming a museum, was a home of which we can still feel the atmosphere, the beauty and style. The Museum, with its elegant rooms, is the perfect place for events with a selected number of people (15 – 120 people, depending on the type of event).



Fresco Room
12,5 x 7 m (88 mq)
up to 120 seated people
exhibition room, excellent acoustic
  • Salone dell'affresco non allestito
  • Salone dell'affresco allestito
The magnificent Fresco Room, hosting one of the most precious carpets in the world, is a wonderful frame for launches, lectures, concerts and meetings. Overlooking a terrace, the room offers a view of one of the most beautiful gardens in Milan, where, on request, is also possible to set a buffet.
Ground floor Terrace
15 x 4,5 m (67 mq)
up to 100 standing people
terrace covered by a marquee equipped with heating, lighting and air - conditioning systems.
  • Tensostruttura allestita
  • Tensostruttura non allestita
The terrace, next to the Fresco Room, overlooks  an English style private garden, an oasis of peace in the heart of Milan. This space can be used for cocktails and buffets.
The marquee can host meetings and launches: the area, isolated and quiet, is perfect for this kind of events especially during the Museum opening time: since it is not accessible to the public, this space allows the guests not to be disturbed.
Pollaiolo Terrace
9 x 6,8 m (50 mq)
up to 50/60 people
terrace overlooking on the interior of the Museum rooms and covered by a transparent ceiling, (air – conditioning).
  • Terrazza Pollaiolo allestita di giorno
  • Terrazza Pollaiolo allestita di sera
  • Terrazza Pollaiolo non allestita
The terrace on the first floor of the museum is a great place to rest. This isolated and quiet space, designed by the architects Luca Rolla and Alberto Bertini, with Foscarini lighting and Alias furniture, is covered by a crystal structure.
The terrace can be used together with the Art Collector Room for buffets on the occasion of special events.
Art Collector Room
8,4 x 6,4 m (54 mq)
up to 50 seated people
Room for temporary exhibitions, provided with modular lighting system, allows flexible and personalized settings.
  • Sala del Collezionista allestita per cena
  • Sala del Collezionista allestita per riunione
  • Sala del Collezionista non allestita
This room is perfect for meetings, lectures and exhibitions. Located on the first floor, in the middle of the house, it is connected with the terrace. The two spaces can be used together, creating a wider space for launches and buffets.


The Museum’s staff will be glad to help you to plan your event.
For further information, please contact:

Francesca Mariotti
tel: +3902 45473813