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The conservation and restauration of Museum's materpieces

Conservation Club

The restoration club was conceived by Marta Marzotto. With their generous contribution, its members support the conservation and restoration of the Museum’s masterpieces in need of special care.
Some members chose to sponsor the restoration of an artwork entirely, others offered a partial contribution that gained them access to this exclusive club membership.

The latest restored artworks

Tiepolo restaurato
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Allegory of Virtue and Nobility
oli on canvas 35,4 x 53 cm
inv 308
Restoration offered by the Club del Restauro – Maria Luisa Gavazzeni Trussardi
tiepolo restuarato
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Death of Saint Jerome
oli on canvas, 33 x 44,2 cm
inv 446
Restoration offered by the Club del Restauro – Maria Luisa Gavazzeni Trussardi