Support the Museum

How to support us


Your multi-year (minimum 3 years) commitment will allow the Museum to continue offering cultural and educational programs to its audience, as well as to support the conservation and restoration of the collections. Becoming a main sponsor you become part of the board of trustees of the Poldi Pezzoli Artistic Foundation. In return for your support, you get exclusive benefits.

Meritorius Supporters

By joining this group, you contribute to the promotion of the activities of the museum, its dialogue with its audience and the education of young visitors.

Corporate club

By becoming a member of the Poldi Pezzoli Corporate Club, you get a variety of benefits: among them, the possibility to organize special visits to the art collections as well as meetings with private tours during closing times. A merge between art and science, art and business, which fosters the creation of special networks.

Technical Sponsor and Media partners

Companies and enterprises can become technical sponsors of the Poldi Pezzoli Museum by offering their services, assistance, equipment and machinery. Alternatively, they can choose to offer their comunication media to promote the Museum’s art collections and activities.

Fiscal Benefits

The Poldi Pezzoli Foundation is a no-profit institution (“Onlus”). Therefore, donations for the conservation and/or promotion of its collections are tax-deductible.

Maurizio Delsale
tel: 0245473809