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This house-museum, beloved by the Milanese and international public, opened in 1881. It fascinates not only for the charm of the rooms evoking the past (from medieval times to the 18th century up to the Armoury with a work by the contemporary artist Arnaldo Pomodoro), but also for the variety and richness of its collections. Masterpieces by Old Masters, sculptures, carpets, lace and embroidery, arms and armour, jewels, porcelain, glass, furniture, sundials and clocks: over 5000 extraordinary pieces, from Antiquity to the 19th century, suspended in a magical atmosphere.

30 rooms full of art
A shrine that opens itself in the one thousand and one night tales. There are about twelve rooms, big and small, some full of precious objects. There are the most beautiful and authentic works of Lombard, Florentine and Venetian painting. Together with a lot of jewelry, porcelain, glass, furniture and furnishing, and a room full of armors and arms, a splendor of lights and colors that demand more and more observing.
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Sala Stucchi
Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli
“I desire that my house and all the works of art which will be found there at the time of my death should constitute an Artistic Foundation for public use and benefit in perpetuity in accordance with the current rules of the Brera gallery
1881 - 2019
More than 150 years of history
Ente museo
The Museum Institution
Discover the Poldi Pezzoli Artistic Foundation, created in 1881, the Board of Trustees, the Direction and the Staff.
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